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You don’t have a turn signal switch for my vehicle.  What can I do?
Even though we have extensive coverage for domestic vehicles there are occasions that we don’t
have the switch for your vehicle.  You can either go old school and use hand signals (tough in the
snow) or install our SM160 (chrome) or SM160B (black) Universal Turn signal switch.  Both
switches now come with the correct 3 prong flasher.  For installation instructions click here.

What is an info center?
An info center is a digital read out in the dash that gives MPG, trip odometer, distance, etc., and is activated by buttons in the steering wheel.  The radio can also be accessed by these buttons sometimes.  The turn signal switch has contacts for the electrical current to operate these functions.

What are cornering lights?
Cornering lights are WHITE lights on the front corners usually near the headlights.  When the turn signal is activated left or right the corresponding cornering light illuminates solid to assist in seeing
the direction you are turning.  

What are rear fog lamps?
Rear fog lamps increase the brightness of your tail lights.  They make the vehicle more visible from
the rear in low visibility situations.   They do not affect the center brake light to distinguish between when a car is braking and when it has rear fog lamps on.   They are not white lights like the front
fog lamps.

What are automatic headlights?
Automatic headlights sense the lighting conditions and will turn on automatically when needed.

What are electronic controls?
These are buttons in the steering wheel that control some form of electronics for the vehicle.
Usually it is the radio.  See info center above.

What is remote radio control?
This is the same as electronic controls.  See above.

What is flash to pass?
When you pull back on your turn signal lever the headlight high beams illuminate. 

What is ESP (Dodge Durango)?
Electronic Stability Program.

What are moisture sensing wipers?
Wipers that automatically turn on when they sense moisture on the windshield.


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